Naked Raku

Wally Asselberghs

Organic Objects

The objects I make are inspired by the organic nature of my surroundings, which include the human body, animals, rocks, desert landscapes, and the marks left by forces of wind and water. I try to distil and speak a visual language in which my favorite forms are reduced to their simplest purity and essence. Many other subconscious influences from observing sculptors, painters, and other artists also affect my work.

On a secondary but equal level, the white surface of these forms is treated like a painter’s canvas, meandering between white spaces and black marks left by fire and smoke, created by reduction techniques of the naked Raku process. Dancing on the sharp edges of the swords of balance between pure form and shivering surface is a never-ending path of exploration and experiment.

These forms and surfaces communicate a kaleidoscope of constant changes, both in my personal life, and in nature, as being influenced by the developments on crazy Planet Earth. This is to me what I want to express in my ceramics, each and every one of my pieces telling their individual story, sad or happy, in heaven or in hell.

As the alchemists in medieval times trying to turn metals into gold, I also pursue various paths to manipulate the challenging metamorphosis of firing ceramic materials into another dimension, the ultimate amalgamate of substance and dreams of mankind.